TECA Cold/Hot Plates for Laboratory Reseach:
Extended temperature range

Our line of CPV “versatile” cold/hot plates just got a little more versatile. TECA now offers high-temperature configurations, allowing for ranges from -50C to +150C with a cascaded system. The standard features which make all of our Laboratory Cold/Hot Plates so versatile are of course still included: integral temperature controller, data logging software, internal-to-external temperature switching and RS-232 communications. Standard systems offer -20C to +120C and are available with 13"x6” or 6"x4.5” plate surfaces.




liquid cooled peltier cold plate Peltier cascade

-15 ºC / +120 ºC

-20 ºC / +120 ºC
-50 ºC / +150 ºC
-30 ºC / +130 ºC
-60 ºC / +150 ºC

It's No Secret. We Just Do It Better!

A single stage thermoelectric assembly is limited to the maximum delta T of an individual module assembly. In those applications which require higher delta-Ts the modules can be cascaded. Cascading is the mechanical stacking of thermoelectric modules into stages so that the cold side of one stage becomes the heat sink of a smaller stage on top. This adds the delta-T of one stage upon another. In addition to the heat pumped by any given stage, the next lower stage must also pump the heat resulting from the input power to that upper stage. Consequently, each succeeding stage must be larger, from the top of the cascade downward.

TECA no longer manufactures the small, highly specialized cascades that were once used in defense and communications. Today the focus is on larger, ultra-low temperature benchtop cooling systems used by today’s researchers and scientists. Shown below are an isometric drawing of the Liquid-Cooled Cold Plate model LHP-1200C31 three stage cascade and a pictorial/graphical representation of a 3 stage cascade.

Peltier cascade ultra low temperatures

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Extended Temperature Ranges for Laboratory Research

Liquid Chiller & Cold Plate Applications:

Click on the images below to see liquid chiller and cold plate application examples.

Peltier cold platepeltier coolerTECMicroplates

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