Welcome to TECA Corporation! We manufactured the first thermoelectric (Peltier) air conditioner over 30 years ago. Always a leader in the field of thermoelectric cooling (Peltier cooling), today TECA offers the most comprehensive collection of thermoelectric products such as Peltier air conditioners, Peltier coolers and Peltier chillers in the world. Our collection includes standard and custom-designed thermoelectric products and accessories. All of our Peltier coolers and other thermoelectric products are manufactured in the USA. Please enjoy our web site and feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Half Ton Cooling Capacity Half Ton Cooling Capacity Achieve large-enclosure cooling with a single thermoelectric air conditioner: the AHP-6263 Model with a half ton of cooling capacity is the largest commercially available thermoelectric air conditioner anywhere. Thermoelectric cooling is reliable and maintenance free.
  • Clinical Lab Research Clinical Lab Research TECA Model AHP-1200DCP Thermoelectric Cold/Hot Plate has two adjacent, independently controlled plates. Frequently used for thermal preference testing in the field of pain research, the TECA Model AHP-1200DCP has been cited in multiple published research studies.
  • Custom Military Application Custom Military Application Working with a leading military and aeronautics contactor, TECA designed a custom cooling solution with specific intake and exhaust characteristics. This custom thermoelectric air conditioner can withstand being exposed to high winds and ambient elements present in a high altitude enclosure.
  • R & D Lab Application R & D Lab Application An R&D laboratory needed to quickly cool beakers of high-concentration sucrose samples to 10C. The customer reports that using TECA Model AHP-800MSP Magnetic Stirring Cold/Hot Plate has been successful. The customer has different sizes of samples, which are accommodated by available sleeve accessories.
  • Petrochemical Application Petrochemical Application Replacing the need to maintain ice baths for the storage of chemicals, TECA Model AHP-1200CPV Cold/Hot Plate is used with a Cold Well accessory to cool or heat four 1-liter bottles in a petrochemical process.

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