TECA Introduces tecaLAB.com for Life Science Applications:

tecaLAB.com is our new website which focuses on our innovative life science products. Driven by customer needs and feedback, we have created a suite of low maintenance laboratory products designed to replace traditional water baths and ice buckets. Using tecaLAB™ products can reduce materials and data loss caused by waterborne contamination. Appropriate applications include cell culture, histology, incubation, nucleation, drug formulation, and more.

tecaLAB™ aluminum Thermal Beads™ replace ice or water in our bath products. Compared to water or ice, Thermal Beads™ are less susceptible to contamination. Thermal Beads™ also make baths easier to use; samples slide into the beads and stay put without the need for racks or weights. This eliminates floating samples and reduces the mess of dripping water. Made of high purity aluminum, Thermal Beads™ will not evaporate away like water, will not melt like ice and perhaps best of all, do not require maintaining an ice machine.

Our Electric Ice Buckets™ and Stirring Ice Buckets™ are bath products filled with tecaLAB™ Thermal Beads™. Electric Ice Buckets™ keep samples of any shape cold and the Stirring Ice Buckets™ do the same for beakers while maintaining stir. Both product lines are designed to be “always on”; keep them plugged in and running just as you would a refrigerator. Samples are kept cold and organized with virtually no maintenance.

Electric Ice Tray™ products offer direct contact cooling on a flat surface. Especially ideal for histology, the Electric Ice Tray™ products have accessories available to assist in grossing or sample storage. Use with microtiter plates of all sizes. Gap pads are available to achieve ideal thermal contact between your sample and the Electric Ice Tray™ surface.

tecaLAB.com features product specifications, product videos and an easy online ordering form.

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