Half Ton Thermoelectric Air Conditioner:

A first in the field of thermoelectric cooling, TECA is excited to introduce the AHP-6263 Model with a half ton of cooling capacity. This is the largest commercially available thermoelectric air conditioner anywhere. The AHP-6263 is the latest product in a line of recently released high-capacity air conditioners (please click here to view all). These innovative air conditioners allow reliable thermoelectric cooling to be used in new applications, cooling larger enclosures than ever before.

The AHP-6263 is a 3 Phase, 240 VAC air conditioner. A 250 VDC version for crane applications is also available. The AHP-6263 (like many TECA air conditioners) includes the energy saving Eco-Mode in which the AHP-6263 cools using significantly less energy than in the active mode. In Eco-Mode, the AHP-6263 cools using 86% less energy.

This half ton thermoelectric air conditioner is configured for environments including NEMA-12, NEMA-4 and NEMA-4X. Customization is available.


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