Thermoelectric Cold Plate Applications

R & D Battery Cooling :

In this example, the customer is using TECA's AHP-1800CPV to keep a 60 pound lithium ion battery cool during R&D testing. This saves the customer the trouble of using a plate with pumped coolant to cool the battery, which was the original method. The customer reports that upgrading to the TECA AHP-1800CPV "makes testing much easier". The AHP-1800CPV is the largest thermoelectric cold plate on the market with a plate surface area of 12.80 x 13.30 inches. The large surface area and robust cooling power were ideal for this application.



tube chiller tube cooler

A research and development team in Europe uses the TECA Model AHP-1200CPV Cold Plate with a TECA Model TC-1 Tube Chiller attached. Their process is proprietary but involves optical material and measurements.

The TC-1 Tube Chiller is designed to heat or cool fluid without introducing contaminants to the fluid. The fluid flows through the flexible tubing (various tubing diameters are possible) within the plate surface.



The customer makes fiber optics and related components and subsystems, they use an AHP-1200CPV cold plate for testing components. They are using it to run temperature test on them, they set the temperature, and it goes to temperature and sits there, heating or cooling. “It works well”.peltier cooling





Before they were cobbling together homebrew solutions with a heater here, a circuit and a fan there but it’s nice to have a system that does it all. It does kick up a breeze though and they haven’t delved into the manual to make any fan speed adjustments.



peltier cold plate

An oil refinery runs tests on asphalt samples at different temperatures. TECA Model AHP-301CPV
Cold Plate is currently being used during the course of the customer's testing. The customer says, “We have used this unit at different temperatures, and it has performed well. Thank you for your follow-up on the performance of this device.”



peltier plate

The customer makes high performance crystal oscillators and atomic clocks for satellites and laboratories and they needed something for temperature control and stabilization. They found TECA and the AHP-301CPV, tried one and say it is “working fantastic”. Well enough to order more for production, quality and engineering tests.
They use them to maintain a stable temperature of the oscillator which in turn provides a stable frequency.



Peltier cooler

An R&D laboratory needed to quickly cool beakers of high-concentration sucrose samples to 10C. The customer reports that using TECA's AHP-800MSP Magnetic Stirring Cold/Hot Plate system has been successful. The customer has different sizes of samples, which are accommodated by TECA's sleeve accessories. The customer uses 2L, 1.5L, 1L and 800mL sleeves at different times with the AHP-800MSP system. The sleeves are easy to switch in and out and add versatility to the system. In fact, unique to this product is the adjustable nature of many of its features: stir-bar speed, fan speed (for noise reduction), and temperature sensing (internal or external).



freezing wax blocks

A product design engineer at a medical device company needed a way to cool wax blocks holding film. The wax is printed directly onto the customer’s aluminum tray. Before discovering TECA products, the customer was placing the aluminum tray in a refrigerator and mechanically removing the wax by scraping it off with a metal blade. TECA’s AHP-1200CP Cold Plate is a better solution. Please view the video provided by our customer to see how quickly and easily the wax is now removed (no more scraping!) The customer is happy to have found an affordable cold plate to dedicate to his cooling task.

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Here’s an application that our engineering crew would love to put into greater use if they could figure out where and how.

A specialty gas company called. They wanted to transfer toxic and corrosive liquids from big to small containers for lab use. The process had been taking several minutes with too much wasted product. They knew because of the conditions a natural head pressure in the big container that they could use a cold plate to cool at the receiving vessel (1.5 dia x 12" bottle) to create a driving force which moves the fluid. We didn’t go into the physics of this, we trusted what the customer said and worked with them. When they tried an AHP-1200CP it was fantastic. It turned 4 minutes and a lot of waste into no waste and 40 seconds.



Customer needed to test low-temperature performance of inertial measuring devices.
In this application of low temperature thermoelectric cooling; the user is testing inertial measurement devices over a temperature range. The devices as well as the TECA cascaded cooling assembly are subjected to various rotational and acceleration stimuli while device temperature is controlled.

thermoelectric cascade peltier cascade

The custom thermoelectric cold plate cascaded (Peltier cascade) was built up from a standard Model AHP-301CP cold plate. The finished test fixture was able to function with a maximum rotation rate of 1700 degrees per second and 50g acceleration. The rotation is evident in the photo. By using a standard product as the basis for the cooling system, higher costs associated with a custom solution were avoided.



thermoelectric cold plate

Some engineers at Lucent wanted to cool devices inside a vacuum chamber and they didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. TECA’s been making devices like that for decades. They had a load of 10 to 20 watts generated and wanted -40C with about 15 to 20 C water available. A Custom LHP-800CP/300CP cascade, controller and power supply were supplied for a reasonable cost in a reasonable time frame.



Cryogenic fluid is extremely sensitive to temperature and pressure changes within an experimental environment.

liquid plate cooler

A custom-modified version of TECA’s LHP-300CPHC Liquid-Cooled Cold Plate is installed as part of a system which allows the customer to closely monitor and control temperature. The long life expectancy and low maintenance requirements of the LHP-300CPHC offer reliability and convenience to the customer’s long-term research experiment.

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