Thermoelectric Cold Plate Applications

Neuroscience Research:

At a prominent U.S. university, researchers choose TECA's economical AHP-270CP Cold Plate for use in neuroscience research. The customer reports:
"We cool a fly to 8 deg Celsius, and also use vacuum to attach it to the device during a brain dissection procedure.
Essentially, the cooling is anesthetizing the fly, making it possible to attach the fly to the dissecting chamber in a very precise manner, using a manipulator (also in the picture)."

The AHP-270CP is a great solution because it is small, inexpensive and yet offers reliable and effective cooling on the bench top.



TECA engineers worked with a medical doctor to custom design an instrument the doctor needed. The Peltier-based Cold Probe works to anesthetize a patient's skin before the medical treatment. It is designed to run on batteries, based around the doctor's otoscope and opthalmoscope with interchangeable heads.

Peltier cold probe

We designed it, packaged it, powered it and built it. But not many folks really needed it. Not a complete market success but a technical one. Above is a picture of it.



Portable cooler needed for carrying emergency intravenous solutions, all components must be enclosed within the case. TECA designed a custom thermoelectric (peltier) based cold plate built into a Pelican™ Box.

portable peltier cooler transit case cooler

This cooled box is for the purpose of transporting up to 4 liters of emergency intravenous solutions safely. There are fitted compartments inside as well for transporting other necessary items for patient care. Since nothing is exposed or protruding from the box, our customer has ended up with a good looking and very rugged, functional thermoelectric product.


Hair Transplant Procedure:

Our customer calls the ICE-160 Electric Ice Trays a “dramatic improvement”. He uses several in his medical practice. From our customer:

hair transplant cooling hair graft cooling

“We use the ICE-160 during the quality-control and graft-storage portion of our minimally-invasive hair transplant procedures. While hair transplant grafts are outside of the body, they are fragile and susceptible to damage from dehydration and other factors as they are separated from their blood supply.
During this delicate phase of the hair transplant, the harvested follicular unit micrografts are now in a special physiologic holding solution at 4deg C using the thermoelectric ICE-160 before and after being counted and sorted and while they are awaiting implantation. This is a dramatic improvement over the use of traditional graft coolers using frozen water which need to be swapped out often during a long NeoGraft FUE hair transplant procedure. We are confident that this method of graft storage ensures maximum graft viability and helps us maintain exceptional results for our hair transplant patients. The solid metal surface is simple to clean and disinfect after each procedure. Thank you for this great addition to our practice!”


Hair Replacement Procedure: Follicular Unit Transplant/Extraction (FUT/FUE)

A group of physicians pioneered a hair replacement procedure using TECA’s AHP-1200CPV Cold/Hot Plate. The AHP-1200CPV is a Peltier cold plate. In the photos provided by TECA’s customer, the cold plate keeps hair transplant grafts cool in a solution during the patient’s procedure.

laboratory cold plate

The convenience of the AHP-1200CPV cold plate’s built in temperature controller allows the technician to easily program it to maintain the desired set point. The AHP-1200CPV is capable of reaching temperatures as low as -15C. In the photos here, the set point is programmed to 5C. The AHP-1200CPV has an integral universal power supply, so it can be used with any input voltage range from 100 to 240 VAC.



Keeping medication at optimal storage temperature is very important. A customized AHP-1200CPV thermoelectric cold plate (Peltier cooling plate) with plate that has grooves with various diameters to accomodate vials of different sizes and lengths was a perfect solution for the customer.

medication cooler peltier cooling

Another feature of this custom thermoelectric cooling unit (Peltier cold plate) is tamper proof temperature controller.



tube chiller tube cooler

A research and development team in Europe uses the TECA Model AHP-1200CPV Cold Plate with a TECA Model TC-1 Tube Chiller attached. Their process is proprietary but involves optical material and measurements.

The TC-1 Tube Chiller is designed to heat or cool fluid without introducing contaminants to the fluid. The fluid flows through the flexible tubing (various tubing diameters are possible) within the plate surface.

Please contact TECA Sales with inquiries on our TC-1 Tube Chiller. It is a custom product.



peltier coolerA global leader in developing and manufacturing cochlear implant systems uses the AHP-1200CPV to cool down silicone molds after the curing process so the operators can safely handle the mold. So far the cold plate has been performing perfectly.






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