Thermoelectric Cold Plate Applications


A university-based agriculture research laboratory in Spain is measuring plant metabolism under various conditions. TECA Corporation's high-capacity version of the AHP-1200CPV (please refer to part number 9-35EB-1-0A0 on our product specification sheet) is used to cool the plant to 22C. Precise temperature control is important in this application as the plant's roots must not get too cold. There is a significant heat load to deal with as well: the plant is being illuminated with LED lights. Finally, thermal contact is an issue. The plant is inside a glass container, which is inside an aluminum block, which is placed on the AHP-1200CPV Cold Plate surface. Working closely with TECA engineers, the customer was successfully able to integrate the AHP-1200CPV Cold Plate into this unique experiment design and his sensitive thermal management needs were met.

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peltier cooler

The customer shared with us:
“Your suggestion to add water between the glass and the aluminum block is a good one. It does lower the temperature inside, probably by increasing the thermal contact. The fit between the block and the glass is pretty tight. The glass was made first and then the block was drilled out using the glass as a reference. Still, even a tiny space basically ruins the heat transfer, so adding the water seems to fix that. Thanks for your help and suggestions, they were quite useful.”



thermoelectric cold plate, thermoelectric coolerA materials scientist at a state university used TECA's AHP-1200CPV to conduct published research. The researchers built a thermal fatigue chamber using the AHP-1200CPV.



A 2mm-thick specimen was sandwiched between two laboratory-built hot plates. The hot temperatures were as high as 400C. The AHP-1200CPV cold plate cooled the researchers' load to 30C. Our customer reports that he was able to maintain the 30C temperature within +/- 2C.



termperature cycle

A university research laboratory uses TECA’s AHP-1200CPV Cascade system to perform nucleation studies. The AHP-1200CPV Thermoelectric Cold/Hot Plate paired with a CCP-31 Cascade attachment creates a low-temperature cooling system. The customer is able to control the temperature of an aluminum dish, rapidly cycling between +20 C to -45 C. The Plexiglas box on top is to contain a dry nitrogen flow, which prevents condensation and frost from forming on the experiment stage.



Peltier cooler An associate professor of Cosmological Physics at a local university traveled to Antarctica for research. TECA's High-Capacity AHP-1200CPV Cold Plate went along with him! The AHP-1200CPV is being used for testing on a NASA project.

peltier coolers


A research organization had a problem with overheating of their equipment in a chemical-vapor deposition reactor.

TE Technology Peltier cold plate

TECA’s AHP-301CPV Cold Plate cooled the equipment and improved the performance of the customer’s system. The customer was able to avoid system failures, which allowed the completion of a research project.



A technological university in Asia chose TECA' s thermoelectric cooling Model AHP-800MSP Magnetic Stirring Cold/Hot Plate to anodize aluminum. The researcher's process required a temperature of 10C.

stirring cold plate stirring hot plate

The AHP-800MSP's universal input voltage feature (100-240 VAC) allows it to be used anywhere, making it a perfect, off the shelf choice for our customer in Asia. He wrote to us: “It is quite good. Also the manual is quite clear and quite user-friendly. Thank you.”

Unique to this product is the adjustable nature of many of its features: stir-bar speed, fan speed (for noise reduction), temperature sensing (internal or external) and more. The AHP-800MSP can even accept beakers of various size by adding optional sleeves.

The solid-state thermoelectric construction is low-maintenance. There are no filters to change and no moving parts except for the fans. Our products use robust thermoelectric modules and boast a long service life.



Cryogenic fluid is extremely sensitive to temperature and pressure changes within an experimental environment.

liquid plate cooler

A custom-modified version of TECA’s LHP-300CPHC Liquid-Cooled Cold Plate is installed as part of a system which allows the customer to closely monitor and control temperature. The long life expectancy and low maintenance requirements of the LHP-300CPHC offer reliability and convenience to the customer’s long-term research experiment.



Researchers at MIT required a cold plate with a black anodized cooling surface. The application for it is proprietary. However, TECA worked closely with our on-site machine shop to offer this custom job with a short lead time.

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