Lab Measurement Equipment:

lab measurement equipment

A world’s leading international supplier of equipment, controls and parts to glass container industry uses the peltier air conditioner model FHP-750XE in a statistical sampling and lab measurement product.

A MiniLab Automatic Sampling installation works in conjunction with the production’s online inspection equipment and a Factory Process Control System. The MiniLab Controller communicates to the Process Control System which then sends a container “request” to upstream online inspection systems equipped with mold number readers. The “requested” containers are transferred to the MiniLab sampling conveyor using container ware selectors. With broad-based expertise in glass container forming, glass conditioning, gob forming, ware handling, cold end inspection, refractory parts and quality assurance, the company’s machines and systems are established as standard products worldwide.

The FHP-750 has been working fine for them for years. Reasons for its selection are its reliability and ability to operate in high ambient temperatures.

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