Air Conditioners, Hazardous Locations/C1D2, C1D1

Thermoelectric air conditioners for hazardous location, C1D2, C1D1:

The majority of TECA air conditioners carry 3rd party (outside agency) certifications. Some products TECA offers do not carry certifications on their own but have been specified as a component within a larger system where the system was certified. Every effort is made to be clear on the product specification sheet. We encourage the reader to contact TECA immediately if any clarification is required.

NEC Ratings: The National Electric Code (NEC) is a North America set of standards which defines Hazardous Environments. TECA enclosure cooler products indicated as “CID2” or “CID1” maintain these environments when properly installed into such an enclosure.

AHP-1200XP Series
530 Btu/Hr
120 VAC, 120/240 VAC
C1D2, Nema-12, Nema-4X/Harsh Environment

613 Btu/Hr
120 VAC
Through Mounted, Liquid Cooled
C1D2, Nema-4X/Harsh Environment

1100 Btu/Hr
120 VAC, 120/240 VAC
Through Mounted
C1D2, Nema-12, Nema-4X/Harsh Environment

307-680 Btu/Hr
120 VAC
Through Mounted
C1D1, Nema-4X/Harsh Environment

307-680 Btu/Hr
120 VAC
Through Mounted
ATEX Zone 2

AHP-1802XP Series
950 Btu/Hr
240 VAC
Through Mounted
ATEX Zone 1 & 2
CID2 Class I, Division 2 (Hazardous Environments) – a location (1) in which volatile flammable liquids or flammable gases are handled, processed, or used, but in which the liquids, vapors, or gases will normally confined within closed containers or closed systems from which they can escape only case of accidental rupture or breakdown such containers or systems, or in case of abnormal operation of equipment; which ignitable concentrations of vapors are normally prevented by mechanical ventilation, and which become hazardous through failure operation of the ventilating equipment; that is adjacent to a Class I, Division location, and to which ignitable concentrations gases or vapors might occasionally communicated unless such communication prevented by adequate positive-pressure ventilation from a source of clean air, safeguards against ventilation failure pro-vided. Applies to suffix “XP” air conditioner models
Groups (A-D) Atmospheres containing following: acetylene, hydrogen, fuel, combustible process gases containing 30% hydrogen by volume, or gases of equivalent hazard such as butadiene, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, acrolein, ether, ethylene, or gases or vapors equivalent hazard such as acetone, ammonia, benzene, butane cyclopropoane, gasoline, hexane, methanol, methane, naphtha, propane, or gases or vapors equivalent hazard.Applies to suffix “XP” air conditioner models
Source: NEC 2005, Article 500CID1 – As an integral part of a larger system, TECA’s AHP-1200CXP (North American) has been investigated in accordance with UL 3111-1, First Edition, Rev. 6/94 Electrical Equipment for laboratory Use and CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1-92 Safety requirements for Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Laboratory use and has been investigated in accordance with NFPA 496 Edition Purged and pressurized Enclosure for Electrical Equipment.

ATEX Ratings: ATEX (acronym for Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères Explosive) refers to European safety directives governing the specifications of equipment to be used in explosive environments. TECA does not offer any product that is certified by an outside agency as ATEX approved. TECA has designed certain coolers to be suitable for ATEX. However, there is no third party certification. Please contact TECA with any questions.

ATEX Zone 2 – The AHP-1200CXP (European) is TECA’s first solid state air conditioner designed for use in hazardous environments in the United Kingdom and European Union. The AHP-1200CXP features a unique air moving device that eliminates static discharge that traditional fans can generate. A compressed air line is required for the air moving device. The AHP-1200CXP has been successfully implemented with a purged enclosure and other approved equipment in pharmaceutical, petrochemical and other similar applications.
Directive 94/9/EC with reference to EN50014:1997/A2:1999, EN50016:2002.
Procedure XF011, XF013
Group II, Category 2 [1] G EEx p d [ia] ia IIB+H2 T4 Ta=-20 °C to +40 °C

ATEX Zone 1 & 2 – The AHP-1802XP (European) is designed for ATEX Zone 1 & 2. It requires a purged enclosure and it includes a Semi-Centrifugal duct fan, DN 220, AC, explosion proof, zones 1 and 2.

Mounting Styles:

AHP - Through Mounted
The through mounted (AHP) enclosure coolers will intrude a few inches into and out of the enclosure

FHP - Flush Mounted
The flush mounted (FHP) air conditioners will mount totally external to the enclosure

IHP - Internal Mounted
The internal mounted (IHP) air conditioners will mount completely internal to the enclosure

IHP-690 install


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