Air Conditioners, 12 VDC

Thermoelectric Air Conditioners for 12 VDC Input:

With lighter weight (due to the lack of added power supply components), D/C input cooling solutions are often preferred. This is especially true in industrial and mobile applications. The air conditioners outlined below accept 12 VDC input. For additional D/C voltage ratings please click here.

TECA manufactures thermoelectric coolers for electronics cabinets, control cabinets and other enclosures in need of thermal protection. Thermoelectric technology is maintenance free and reliable. Our coolers provide thermal management for NEMA-12/4/4X enclosures. TECA’s ECO-Mode control feature helps minimize operation costs.

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thermoelectric coolersAHP-250 Series
129 BTU
Through Mounted
thermoelectric coolersAHP-270 Series
161 BTU
Through Mounted
electronics cabinets
FHP-250 Series
109 BTU
Flush Mounted

FHP-270 Series
140 BTU
Flush Mounted

AHP-470 Series
315 BTU
Through Mounted

FHP-470 Series
259 BTU
Flush Mounted

Mounting Styles:

AHP - Through Mounted
The through mounted (AHP) enclosure coolers will intrude a few inches into and out of the enclosure

FHP - Flush Mounted
The flush mounted (FHP) air conditioners will mount totally external to the enclosure

IHP - Internal Mounted
The internal mounted (IHP) air conditioners will mount completely internal to the enclosure

IHP-690 install


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