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Thermoelectric Air Conditioners for 120 VAC power input:

Almost all TECA’s climate control coolers are available with an integral power supply. This allows the thermoelectric air conditioner (model specific) to be used worldwide, accepting anywhere from 100 to 240 VAC! Certain products have selectable jumpers and others have a universal power supply so please contact us for clarification if needed. The air conditioners outlined below accept 120 VAC input. We are happy to help select the right cooling solution for you.

Fun Fact: TECA was the first to offer a thermoelectric air conditioner for A/C voltage with our advent of the integral power supply design in 1979, when we were a department of Borg-Warner.

TECA manufactures thermoelectric coolers for automation controls cooling, electronics cabinets, control cabinets and other enclosures in need of thermal protection.

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electronic enclosure coolers
AHP-451 Series
348 BTU
Through Mounted

thermoelectric coolers
FHP-451 Series
300 BTU
Flush Mounted

automation controls
FHP-750 Series
430 BTU
Flush Mounted
electronics cabinets
AHP-1200 Series
530 BTU
Through Mounted
thermal protection
AHP-1800 Series
1100 BTU
Through Mounted

AHP-2250 Hi. Eff. Series
1400 BTU
Through Mounted

FHP-2250 Hi. Eff. Series
1220 BTU
Flush Mounted

AHP-2250 Hi. Cap. Series
1880 BTU
Through Mounted

FHP-2250 Hi. Cap. Series
1715 BTU
Through Mounted

AHP-3250 Series
2250 BTU
Through Mounted

FHP-3250 Series
1978 BTU
Flush Mounted

AHP-4250 Series
2490 BTU
Through Mounted

FHP-4250 Series
2408 BTU
Flush Mounted

AHP-6250 Series
4340 BTU
Through Mounted

FHP-6250 Series
3820 BTU
Flush Mounted

Mounting Styles:

AHP - Through Mounted
The through mounted (AHP) enclosure coolers will intrude a few inches into and out of the enclosure

FHP - Flush Mounted
The flush mounted (FHP) air conditioners will mount totally external to the enclosure

IHP - Internal Mounted
The internal mounted (IHP) air conditioners will mount completely internal to the enclosure

IHP-690 install


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