Aircraft Galley Refrigerator

An Eco-Friendly Aircraft Galley Refrigerator:

“Green” Air Transportable Food Storage: Replacing traditional refrigerant-based refrigerators, TECA’s Model TR-059 offers consistent performance in a rugged environment. Our refrigerators have an exceptionally long service life and utilize solid-state thermoelectric technology. Thermoelectric devices do not require a compressor or chemical refrigerants and are therefore environmentally friendly. Ownership costs are very low due to the virtually maintenance-free nature of the technology and the rugged reliability of TECA’s thermoelectric cooling components. Our design optimizes the efficacy and performance potential of the cooling components.

Made in the USA and shipped direct from our Chicago factory, there is no better choice for quality, performance, or reliability. The TR-059 is an eco-friendly refrigerator with a proven performance history in military transport aircrafts.

Customization is possible. Please reach out to us regarding private labeling, custom paint, finishes, size, or other modifications.

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