Condensing Vapor: AHP-470CP in Laboratory Reactor Instrumentation

condensing vapor   cooling vapor stream

In a chemical process (catalysis), the customer uses several TECA Model AHP-470CP Cold Plates to condense methanol out of a vapor stream and collect liquid in the 100 mL glass vessels shown. The AHP-470CP offers a convenient small size and is customizable to the end user’s needs.

Please see the “Options” section on the product data sheet to learn more.


Environmental Control:

environmental control

A municipal waste plant had an emergency requirement for a water drop device (to condense moisture for analysis) to be installed in a smokestack. In this time critical application TECA responded with a custom designed variation of the AHP-150CP thermoelectric cold plate, to be mounted high up in the stack. Working with the customer TECA was able to design and deliver the product in less than two weeks, more than meeting the customer’s timetable.


Laboratory Equipment:

laboratory equipment laboratory equipment

A research organization had a problem with overheating of their equipment in a chemical-vapor deposition reactor TECA’s AHP-301CPV Cold Plate cooled the equipment and improved the performance of the customer’s system.

The customer was able to avoid system failures, which allowed the completion of a research project.


Canadian Fog Box:

Below are few pictures of the “Canadian Fog Box” that our customer constructed using TECA’s AHP-300CP cold plates, power supply, and TC-3400 PID controllers.

canadian fog box canadian fog box


The interior of the box is covered with mirror finished aluminum to reflect the ultraviolet rays from the bulb in the bottom. The top is normally closed as well. The interior ambient temperature of the box is maintained @ 122 °F. subjecting the 2 insulated glass units (laying at a 45° angle) to intense UV radiation similar to strong sunlight. The upper portion of the glass is chilled to 70 °F. by your cold plates. This is maintained for 1 week 24 hours/day.

The insulated glass unit is then inspected for any condensation inside where the cold plates contacted the glass. Any condensation indicates impurities present inside the unit, which indicated faulty materials containing volatile gasses, which would lead to premature window unit failure.

Any other ‘fog boxes’ use water flow cold plates to maintain temperatures. Our customer during a research found TECA’s cold plates and decided to give them a try to eliminate the hassle and mess of water plates.

The thermoelectric cold plates (Peltier cold plates) have performed excellently to date, reaching and maintaining the 70 °F. quickly and without incident.


Condensation Test:

condensation test
condensation test cold plate


A company that offers a broad range of door and window components and related building products with proven product lines and a multi-state collection of modern manufacturing facilities uses the AHP-150CP in a Canadian Fog Box, for testing double pane windows for condensation.

The AHP-150CP has been replaced by a newer and more efficient model the AHP-250CP series.


OEM Laboratory Equipment:

OEM laboratory equipment
OEM laboratory equipment


As a component in an OEM laboratory chamber, the AHP-150CP condenses out moisture to control humidity. The chamber is primarily used in hospital laboratories. The small size of the AHP-150CP helped reduce the footprint of the chamber and helped increase the work space within the chamber.

The AHP-150CP is maintenance free and the reliability of its thermoelectric cooling technology made our smallest cold plate the perfect OEM solution for this customer.

The AHP-150CP has been replaced by a newer and more efficient model the AHP-250CP series.


Liquid Cooled Cold Plate:

liquid cooled cold plate

Our customer asked for a quote on delivery and price for the LHP-800CPHC. He then asked if we had a liquid cooled version of the AHP-1200CPHC (15″ x 7.3″ plate)? The product had been in the works but on the back burner. This customers request pulled it to the front.

We offered an LHP1200CP. It would be liquid cooled with 15 x 7.3 cold plate requiring 24 VDC input. The customer later set it up with a water pump and a radiator/fan arrangement to provide a recirculation cooling water path rather than connecting to the tap and sending it down the drain.

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