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Liquid Cooled Cold Plate

Newest Liquid Cooled Cold/Hot Plate LHP-1800CPV:

Liquid Cooled cold/hot plates have the freedom from the noise and vibration of fans. Water works as the coolant, carrying heat away from the cold plate source. TECA’s newest liquid-cooled cold/hot plate is also its largest. The LHP-1800CPV features a 15.2” X 19.2” footprint and a range from -30C to +130C (high temperature version). A water source is required. The LHP-1800CPV is ideal when powerful cooling is needed in a small footprint.

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A First for Thermoelectric Technology

A First for Thermoelectric Technology: AHP-5400CPV

Customer requests have led us to design and build a new Cold/Hot Plate model with the largest-ever plate surface. We love listening to our customers’ needs and pushing the limits of our designs.

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Universal Input Enclosure Coolers

3 Mounting Choices for Universal Input Enclosure Coolers:

TECA’s newest enclosure cooler supporting Universal Input is now available. The FHP-2259 Model is a flush mounted design for use in enclosures where internal intrusion of thermal management equipment is not desired. The FHP-2259 is the first flush mounted product to join TECA’s collection of universal input thermoelectric air conditioners. Internal and through mount designs are also available.

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Cooling NEMA-4 Enclosures: Expanded product line

Cooling NEMA-4 Enclosures: Expanded product line

Customer response to TECA’s smaller, AC-input enclosure coolers has been so positive that we have expanded the line to include even more solutions for enclosures requiring NEMA-4. Available in two mounting styles (through and flush mounted) the expanded line adds to our NEMA-4 products for applications requiring less than 125 watts of cooling.

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Improved Design: Stir, Cool & Heat Samples

Improved Design: Stir, Cool & Heat Samples

Ideal for laboratory, quality control testing and R&D applications, TECA is pleased to announce a second-generation redesign of our popular AHP-301MSP Magnetic Stirring Hot/Cold Plate. Choose the Cold Shoe configuration and use with multiple beaker sizes on the same sleeve platform. Good thermal contact will be maintained via gap pads. Or, use the Ice Bucket configuration to create a cold or hot bath for your samples without the mess of water or ice.

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tecaSIZE Software

tecaSIZE Software:

Freshly updated to include all TECA’s newest cooling solutions, tecaSIZE Sizing Software is now available as a free download. Ideal for estimating individual cooling loads, our newest sizing software is a helpful guide in choosing a TECA air conditioner. tecaSIZE software is user friendly, allowing the customer to define the variables on different jobs with the ability to print and save as needed. When multiple solutions are available, the customer can easily compare the performance differences between solutions.

Download tecaSIZE today and try it!

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