Enclosure Cooler Features Universal Input Voltage

enclosure cooler with universal input voltage

TECA Corporation has introduced a new enclosure cooler series. The AHP-2259 Series of thermoelectric air conditioners features universal input voltage. Designed to run off of 100 to 240 volts AC, the units can be easily utilized anywhere. There is a high-efficiency version which provides 1330 BTU/hr of cooling with a C.O.P. rating of 1.35. For more cooling, the high-capacity version is capable of 1820 BTU/hr (C.O.P. rating is .65). Both versions include the energy-saving ECO-Mode for passive cooling during lower demand times. Heat/Cool or Cool-only configurations are available. End users can specify NEMA-12 or NEMA-4 as well as temperature control options.

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