RLC-900 & RLC-1800 Liquid Chillers Redesigned

Rack Mounted Liquid Chiller Models RLC-900 and RLC-1800 are newly redesigned. The water fittings are now in the front as well as the back with the convenience of the end user in mind. Whether the chillers are mounted internally or externally, the user can access water inlet and outlet hoses from either end of the chiller. This can help save space, makes the chiller easier to use and increases the versatility of the product.

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Electric Ice Bucket with Temperature Control:

Use in place of ice buckets and water baths for “always on” cooling or heating. Part of tecaLAB’s™ line of laboratory products, we offer temperature-controlled Electric Ice Buckets™ in two sizes. The ICE-301 holds a 3 liter bath and the ICE-1200 holds a 6 liter bath. Each can save time, money and energy as compared to traditional water baths and ice buckets. The Electric Ice Buckets™ are Peltier driven. Use the PID temperature controller to cool or heat the aluminum tecaLAB™ Thermal Lab Beads™ in place of ice or water. Program ramp and soak profiles and log temperature data from your computer with the included communications software.

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