FHP-6253 and FHP-6263 3 Phase Space Saving Thermoelectric Air Conditioners

Save space, energy and get more cooling with TECA’s newly introduced FHP-6253 and FHP-6263 thermoelectric air conditioners. For enclosures with limited space, flush-mounted air conditioners offer cooling without physical intrusion into the enclosure. The FHP-6253 and FHP-6263 Models offer the most cooling to date within TECA’s current collection of flush-mounted energy saving air conditioner/heat exchanger products, with performance ratings up to 4,970 BTU/hr. Both models include the energy saving Eco-Mode which uses up to 86% less energy than the active mode.

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New, Compact Thermoelectric Air Conditioners

For smaller applications in any environment, TECA has designed two new thermoelectric air conditioners. The AHP-250 and AHP-270 Models improve on existing thermoelectric air conditioners for small enclosures. Design features include more compact dimensions and greater performance for the size. The AHP-250 and AHP-270 both measure 6 x 4.75 x 6.6 inches and offer 129 BTU/hr and 161 BTU/hr respectively.

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New Flush Mounted FHP-6200-Series Air Conditioner

The FHP-6250 (120 VAC) and FHP-6252 (240 VAC) are energy saving air conditioner/heat exchanger products with cooling performance ratings up to 4,480 BTU/hr. These new models offer, to date, the greatest cooling performance of any flush-mounted thermoelectric air conditioner currently on the market. Both models can both heat and cool (heat via reverse polarity) and both models include the energy saving Eco-Mode which uses up to 84% less energy than the active mode.

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Thermoelectric Product Freezes Stirring Water

TECA Corporation’s Stirring Cold/Hot Plate Model AHP-800MSP boasts adjustable features: stir bar speed, fan speed (for noise reduction) and temperature control (internal or external sensing). Optional sleeves make it adjustable for use with standard bottles and beakers or custom-diameter vessels. Applications include titration testing, testing of specimens, drugs and industrial chemicals and process testing in industrial or laboratory environments.

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