Safety in the Field, Safety in the Lab

Safety in the Field, Safety in the Lab

Best practices usually exceed what is defined in regulatory requirements. Obtaining safety certification is an important step in the product cycle for this reason. It demonstrates a commitment to the safety and quality of the product. Regarding product safety testing, there is a choice in testing partners to conduct the certification review. The following blog entry explores the what and why of safety certification.

A safety standard’s origin story:
Safety standards are developed by such institutions as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and others. These groups develop and publish their own standards, which gain recognition in one of two ways. A standard might become a government’s regulatory requirement, or a standard might gain popularity from the private sector. As more customers demand a specific standard, more manufacturers and OEMs will seek it for the products they produce.

Compliance versus certification:
In a similar spirit as the phrase “correlation does not equal causality”, note that compliance is not the same as certification. A compliant product might indeed meet a given safety standard, but this a self-reported state. There is no 3rd party oversight to agree or disagree with a manufacturer’s statement of compliance. To gain a certification of a given safety standard, the product must undergo certification testing and this testing must be performed by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). The NRTL is the 3rd party and its function is to test and certify whether a product meets the given standard. The NRTL is disinterested in the outcome of the testing; its commercial reputation relies on the quality and impartiality of its work.

Who is a NRTL?
A Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) is qualified as such by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The NRTL Program is part of OSHA’s directive to ensure products are safe for use in the U.S. workplace. It has a say over which private-sector organizations are recognized as capable of determining whether a product meets the safety standard developed by ANSI, etc. In Canada, a similar group called the Standards Council of Canada is tasked with granting accreditation to Testing Organization and Certification Bodies (akin to NRTLs in the U.S.).

Safety certification for TECA products:
Air Conditioners: All versions of our two most popular product families (AHP-1200-Series and AHP-1800-Series) are ETL listed (Intertek) to UL & CSA safety standards. This includes our new certification status for the 24 vdc & 48 vdc input variations of these products. These TECA coolers are ideal for the thermal management of electronics enclosures.

Cold/Hot Plates: The AHP-301CPV, the AHP-1200CPV (includes ERGO-900), the AHP-1200CAS, and the AHP-1800CPV are certified to UL & CSA safety standards. Our cold plate products offer precise, reliable temperature testing on your bench top. Ideal for components testing and laboratory work, these TECA products are versatile. Temperature-control communications software is included. Optional customizations and accessories are available.

The take-away on safety standards:
Regarding product safety testing, there is a choice in NRTL testing partners to conduct the certification review. Choosing an OSHA-qualified or Standards Council of Canada-accredited laboratory to test products will ensure a valid determination for safety certification. Seeking those safety standards which are most in demand will satisfy current customers, help attract new customers, and help make a strong statement about the products’ quality and the manufacturer’s commitment to safety.

TECA partners with Intertek to provide our products with the ETL Listed Mark. The ETL Listed Mark is the legal equivalent to the UL and CSA Listed Marks. A product bearing the ETL Listed Mark is determined to have met the minimum requirements of prescribed product safety standards. Intertek is an OSHA-qualified NRTL. Intertek is also accredited by the Standards Council of Canada as an accredited Testing Organization and Certification Body.


Communications, Cooling Battery Bank:

communications communications


Maintain the temperature of a battery bank in a Class 1 Division 2 explosion proof environment to power portable communications equipment. A special purpose vehicle manufacturer needed to maintain the temperature of a bank of batteries to maintain maximum performance.

With our recommendation, the customer selected the TECA Model AHP-1800XP, because it is the only NEMA4X air conditioner available off-the-shelf, which is also certified for C1D2 use. The power source was able to meet the requirement of operation in a Class 1 Division 2 explosion proof environment, to support portable communications systems at car racing venues.


Laboratory Equipment:

laboratory equipment laboratory equipment

A research organization had a problem with overheating of their equipment in a chemical-vapor deposition reactor TECA’s AHP-301CPV Cold Plate cooled the equipment and improved the performance of the customer’s system.

The customer was able to avoid system failures, which allowed the completion of a research project.


Anodizing Aluminum:

anodizing aluminum
A technological university in Asia chose TECA’ s thermoelectric cooling Model AHP-800MSP Magnetic Stirring Cold/Hot Plate to anodize aluminum. The researcher’s process required a temperature of 10 °C.

The AHP-800MSP‘s universal input voltage feature (100-240 VAC) allows it to be used anywhere, making it a perfect, off the shelf choice for our customer in Asia. He wrote to us: “It is quite good. Also the manual is quite clear and quite user-friendly. Thank you.”
Unique to this product is the adjustable nature of many of its features: stir-bar speed, fan speed (for noise reduction), temperature sensing (internal or external) and more.

The AHP-800MSP can even accept beakers of various size by adding optional sleeves. The solid-state thermoelectric construction is low-maintenance. There are no filters to change and no moving parts except for the fans. Our products use robust thermoelectric modules and boast a long service life.


Cryogenic Fluid Control:

cryogenic fluid control cryogenic fluid control


Cryogenic fluid is extremely sensitive to temperature and pressure changes within an experimental environment. A custom-modified version of TECA’s LHP-300CPHC Liquid-Cooled Cold Plate is installed as part of a system which allows the customer to closely monitor and control temperature.

The long life expectancy and low maintenance requirements of the LHP-300CPHC offer reliability and convenience to the customer’s long-term research experiment.


Chemical Vapor Distribution System:


An OEM customer integrates TECA’s Model TLC-900 Liquid Chiller into a bubbler system designed to distribute chemical vapor via a carrier gas. The bubbler vessel is filled with the liquid chemical. The carrier gas is bubbled through the vessel and TECA’s TLC-900 Liquid Chiller maintains the chemical at a temperature determined by the end user, to maximize process control. The customer chose TECA’s TLC-900 Liquid Chiller over others because of its heating and cooling capability and the versatility of its universal input voltage (100-240 VAC). The customer’s system is sold worldwide and quality and reliability are key. The customer shared with us: “Before we used TECA products, we had half a dozen failed units over in China that my boss had to fix. I’m talking chillers that have only been in service for less than 4 months. In all, there have been at least ten of them go bad over the years. Some of the current orders we have with you are replacement units for the failed ones. We love your products. You are putting the competition to shame. Keep up the good work.”


Photofacial treatments using intense pulsed light are said to remove spider veins and age spots, but are uncomfortable for the patient. The apparatus shown uses a TECA Model TLC-700 Peltier based liquid chiller to cool the tip of the hand piece which rests on the skin area under treatment. This enhances the comfort of the patient; allowing for a better quality treatment. The chiller is a closed loop system so no water gets on the patient or the instruments. Water temperature is closely adjustable over a wide range.


rlc-1400 pic
A customer serving the national security market specializes in remote sensing solutions. TECA Corporation’s thermoelectric, rack-mounted RLC-1400 Liquid Chiller improves the customer’s product efficiency by reliably cooling a laser and high-power electrical components, as part of an airborne system.


Production testing (cooling device under test)

cooling device under test
TECA’s RLC-1800 Rack Mounted Liquid Chiller offers powerful cooling as a component in the customer’s testing procedure. The customer, developing testing for a radar system, has a device under test (DUT) which contains cold plates. TECA’s RLC-1800 provides liquid cooling to the cold plates and prevents them from over heating during the process. The RLC-1800 is the most powerful liquid chiller we offer, with 620 watts cooling capacity.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials:

Featured Customer Testimonial

Every TECA success begins with a customer. We value our customers and are grateful for their feedback.

“I’m using this opportunity to thank you for the support. Regarding the heat (cold) plates from TECA, we have plenty of them. They have been used in a series production of Galileo satellites and honestly
all work excellent. TECA plates are very useful for our project and there are plenty of experiments where we use them.Your advice helped me to create a MATLAB script and my test-bed is working perfectly. I’m very satisfied with the functionality of these heat plates, and will definitely recommend them to our customers and companies we are working with. Thank you very much once again.”Engineer, European Space Agency
View application photos here


Received: 2024

“Thank you for the warm support!!!”

Hans C., Sales Director

“As far as the purchase and customer service the experience could not be any better. Much appreciated!”

Bob B., Procurement

Received: 2023

“Thank you for the prompt response! Excellent customer support!”

Lawton W., Firmware Engineer

“TECA is setting the standard for new suppliers to our company.”

Sean S., Quality Engineer

“Your units have pretty much performed flawlessly compared to the previous units. Don’t change your quality!”

John F., Design Engineer

2003 – 2022

“You have been one of our best suppliers. Thank all of the fine people we have dealt with and who have contributed to the success we have experienced.”

Gary L., President

“I want to share with you that I tell people at every meeting that TECA is hands-down the best supplier I have ever worked with.”

Mike V., Project Manager

“Thank you for the work you and TECA have provided. It has all been greatly appreciated. Have a happy new year.” 

Johnny C., Mechanical Engineer

“…testing is going well. The folks here commented at how much quieter your fans are overall and at how light the chassis is compared to the old system*….”

John F., Design Engineer
*Teca’s note: the TECA product replaced a competing “old system”, as the customer referred to

“With your guided suggestion we have completed integration of our system. Our system is running well. I appreciate your assistance! It is very kind of you!”

Jason Z., Design Engineer

“During my search for a cooling system, I discovered your company, but never did I expect the level of kindness you have offered. It is individuals like yourself and your company that provide great opportunities for non-profit organizations to survive, especially military non-profits. Not all understand what non-profits are all about. For us, it is about giving so that others in the future will learn and reflect on what took place in history. Again, we can’t begin to express our most sincere appreciation to you for your more than generous donation of the a/c unit. Thank you for your generous offer to support our foundation’s efforts to maintain one of America’s most beautiful Veterans Memorial Parks.”

Pete M., Operations Officer

“I was certainly pleased with your customer service and the performance of your product. All of our TECA coolers are doing quite well also. In fact, I haven’t had to think about them at all since they were installed!”

Jerry W., Senior Engineering Technician

“I wanted to let you know that the AHP-301CPV is working wonderfully for my daughter Lisa’s science fair project. She just completed her first data collection run and her results are interesting. She figured out how to use the device quickly and it has been rock solid for her. Lisa programmed the cold plate to cool the crystals, which were placed in copper cups, at 2 degrees Celsius per minute from room temperature to -20 C. Thanks in part to TECA, Lisa qualitatively reproduced the results of a paper in the journal of Science. She got an ‘A’ on her science fair project. She has also presented her experiment at a lab at MIT, where they may use it as part of their undergraduate course.”

Parent of Lisa.R., Student

“The reason we chose Thermoelectric was due to the excellent customer service provide by TECA. I was looking for a chiller to replace a model that we had been using since the early 1990’s by a company which has since gone out of business in the past several years. I was unable to locate a similar chiller and when I called TECA, it was offered that TECA may have a liquid chiller that they could modify to emulate the chiller previously used as far as function and interface. We have already generated interest with our sister site who is also looking for a replacement for the same application for the same reason.”

Steve, Radar Systems Manager

“BTW…After searching around I think you have a very cool product line at a very competitive cost!  It’s nice to see a company finally thinking outside the box…”

Vince, Application Engineer

“Thank you so much for the very fast shipment! Our scientists are very happy and feel they are excellent condition and quality! Thank you for your help, it’s been a true pleasure working with you.”

Dawn, R&D Strategist

“The [ERGO-900] cold plate has worked wonderfully for us so far. It cools down very quickly when you turn it on and it is ready to use within minutes. It can hold approximately 40 blocks, it maintains its temperature well, it is quiet, and it takes up very little space. We are greatly enjoying it! Thank you so much again.”

Hannah, Histology Technician

“You did an awesome job listening to our needs and recommendations to create a product that was lacking in the Histology world. I’m pleased to tell you that we are happy with the size, look, and performance of this unit. The cold plate surface is a nice size and reaches -6 degrees C in a timely manner and maintains this temp. This is a preferred temp to chill our paraffin blocks for optimal microtomy.The fan is quiet and only produces a small amount of airflow out the side and back. AWESOME job!!!!!! Everyone is loving it!!!!”

Pam.R., Histology Laboratory Manager

“TECA plates are very useful for our project and there are plenty of experiments where we use them…you can be sure I will recommend them to a large number of companies we are working with.”

P.J., Director of Technology, Engineering & Quality

“Thanks for the update and all your help during our certification process. It was a pleasure doing business with such a responsive company.”

C.M., Hughes Network Systems

“Your coolers continue to be a workhorse for us. Thanks!”

G.G., University of California

“TECA occupies a unique place in the cooling industry. In harsh environments and/or mission-critical applications, performance trumps cost.”


“It’s been very good dealing with you on these various projects. I appreciate working with you.”

T.W., Cere

“Your units are working wonderfully.”

D.D., Glacigen

“We like the machine and it works well…That’s why we bought a second one. It’s a nice product…”

V.M., Kronospan

“Kudos to your team, again. Wonderful job.”

S.G., Swift Protech

“Thank you very much for getting this order built and shipped. My customer is pleased the item [is arriving early!]”

G.R., Wesco International

“Thank you ; I appreciate the outstanding service provided by yourself and your comrades at TECA.”

B.I., Lockheed Martin

“Our customer did Factory Acceptance Testing yesterday… This is FANTASTIC and it is THANKS TO YOU. This is the fastest project in my 45 years in the business. Thank you.”

J.C., Falcon Analytical

“Our main focus is receiving a high quality product, which your company always delivers.”

D.D., Lockheed Martin

” I’m writing to let you know the controllers are spot on!!
Thank you for helping us with this project. We appreciate the way you guys stepped up to help make this project go smoother. Well done!”


“Thanks a million!! You and your firm have been and continue to be outstanding in your efforts to get the customer what they need. It is a pleasure to deal with you.”

G.L., Torcon

Our company recently ordered 2 RLC-1800 chillers…I’m very positive about the chiller! The chiller is plug and play and very easy to use!
Also the performance is very good. So, in short words, a very good chiller.”

K.V., Thales Group

“Thanks to you and TECA for the efforts and support you have provided for this project…we will be standardizing on your Air Conditioner units going forward.”

G.B., Cygnus Satellite

“Thanks so much…It is always a pleasant surprise to find a company that is excited to work with their customers – especially after the sale has been made.”

A.Y., Northrop Grumman Corporation

“About 20 years ago, [TECA was] recommended to us. Over the years, I have purchased 3 units…Two were removed after ~9 years of flawless service and [one unit] is still working (outdoors!) after ~15 years of service.”

M.H. Califonia Institute of Technology

“It beats the heck out of the system that is currently being used…This thing is working beautifully. Everyone is most impressed. Thanks!!!”

R.Z., Penumbra

“Before we used TECA products, we had half a dozen failed units over in China that my boss had to fix. I’m talking chillers that have only been in service for less than 4 months. In all, there have been at least ten of them go bad over the years. Some of the current orders we have with you are replacement units for the failed ones. We love your products. You are putting the competition to shame. Keep up the good work.”

B.E., Norcimbus OEM

“We were extremely appreciative of the opportunity to try the TECA Cascaded Cold Plate system. We will certainly mention your product to any colleagues who do more frequent dissection work. It was incredibly kind of you to offer the loaner and to take the trouble to make sure that it worked properly for our application.”

“We used the system to facilitate dissection. It was important for us to maintain the integrity of the specimen during dissection. Working in a lab at normal room temperature, we found that a constant temperature of -18C was ideal for this work. It would have been impossible to maintain such a precise temperature outside of a cryostat without the TECA cold plate. It was immensely easier to perform the dissection on the TECA cold plate, and of course also much easier to wipe down the cold plate than to clean a cryostat. We would recommend the TECA cold plate system to any scientist who needs to dissect frozen tissue in any precise manner. Anyone who was doing this regularly would find it an excellent investment because of the time and trouble it saves.”

D.L., Stanford University

“I wanted to extend the Navy’s sincere appreciation for your excellent service and response time. TECA provided a timely and economical quotation for fixing a component that is critical for development of materials of interest to the Navy. TECA has saved the Navy thousands of dollars that would have been incurred due to delays in production. The excellent customer care received by your organization is rare and we wanted you to know how much we appreciate your efforts. We hope you pass this to your management and everyone involved so that they all know that good customer service is very much appreciated and desired.”

J.S., U.S. Navy

“Your company is doing very well in our Vendor Quality & Delivery evaluation system (100 % quality and 99% delivery) and I really appreciate it. Thanks again for your assistance.”

M.B., L-3 Communications

“We enjoyed our visit to TECA; thanks. The TECA team was very nice and helpful. We really appreciate your assistance!!”

H.H. and K.Y., University of Chicago

“Wow! You guys are responsive. I wish all our suppliers were like you.”

J.H., Eastman Kodak

“Your crew did a great job getting the order shipped as quickly as they did. I am grateful. ”


“Overall I am very pleased and would happily recommend it and buy more if I need them.”

C.B., Seymore Associates

“You take your company and its products seriously … not too many people would go to this step … you have my admiration”


“Wow, you guys are really on top of things!”


“What a nice service, you know… not all the suppliers talk to their customers like this…”

A.L., Motores Eléctricos Sumergibles de México, S. de RL de C.V.

“I am impressed with your fast response”

B.D., Pro-Tech Solutions

“I must compliment you on the quality of your customer support. You have been very helpful and welcoming. There are many reasons to purchase products, but it is always a positive to be able to work with competent and nice people. Thanks again.

D.G., Summa Instruments, Inc.

“The customer is extremely pleased with the results of our cooling solution…but, it could not have been accomplished without TECA. So, again…thank you for your assistance…and our hats off to TECA for a job well done!”


“You are the most efficient vendor that I have. You do good work”

R.W., Tara Products

“I do want to commend TECA on their customer service, as you are one of the nicest vendors I deal with”

D.L., Lear Computing

“I would like to thank you once again on behalf of our company & on behalf of our customer for your great support!

E.B., Modcon Systems Ltd., Israel

“I just received the (2) AHP-1200X units…WOW!…Very impressed with the units, the quick manufacture and delivery…AAA+++. We will definitely look to TECA again for future cooling solutions. Thank you and your team again for the assistance and prompt responses to get us this product in such a short time frame”


“Thanks for your terrific service!”

K.T., MCS Vision

“Thank you very much for your follow-up – it is a great sign you care about your customers!”

P.M., Global Water

“We’ve already done some test runs with the TLC-900 and it works wonderfully. We are very pleased with its performance and features. Thank you for a well made product.”

D.D., Applied Signal Technology, Inc.

“I really appreciate your fast response and follow-up”

E.H., Corning

“I would like thank you for your diligence”

S.A., Automation Controls, Inc

“Thanks for your very good customer service”

M.P., ABB Inc., Canada

“Again thanks for the good service”

Y.H., Qualion Ltd., Israel

“Thank you for your great customer support”

C.S., Aero International, Inc.

“Thanks, to everyone who got this to me so quick. Y’all are the best.”

K.P., L-3 Communications

“I am always impressed with the quality of TECA products. The sheet metal, the workmanship, everything always arrives perfectly.”

J.M., S-C Systems

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