Compact, Controlled, Economical Cooling

Compact, Controlled, Economical Cooling:

A great example of TECA’s customer service and product innovation, the 100-140 BTU/HR conditioners are now available with a space-saving, integral temperature controller at a lower price.
We innovated this improvement in direct response to our customer, finding a way to keep the required features and reduce cost.

Compact, Controlled, Economical CoolingCompact, Controlled, Economical Cooling

Our small air conditioners have always been popular and offered the best control for the size. But when the cost for a particular model and its separate temperature controller proved to be prohibitive for one customer’s project, we did not give up. We re-evaluated the product to see how we could satisfy our customer’s needs and price point.

AHP-250 130 Through Mount
AHP-270 160 Flush Mount
FHP-250 109 Through Mount
FHP-270 140 Flush Mount


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