Enclosure Cooling Systems Accept 48 vdc Input

Enclosure Cooling Systems Accept 48 vdc Input:

TECA now offers eight air conditioners for enclosure cooling which accept 48 vdc input voltage.

The performance of TECA coolers available for 48 vdc input spans from 414 BTU/hr to 1,100 BTU/hr. These new product offerings will allow for the use of reliable, low maintenance thermoelectric cooling technology in more applications. TECA’s 48 vdc input coolers are ideal for small to medium enclosure cooling jobs. Two mounting styles are offered within this collection. Flush mounted units mount externally to the enclosure so there is no intrusion into the enclosure. This is an advantage when enclosure real estate is tight, such as in telecommunications enclosures. When internal room is not an issue, a through-mounted enclosure cooler will intrude a few inches into the enclosure, with the hot side of the air conditioner external to the enclosure. Regardless of mounting style all TECA air conditioners, when installed correctly, will create a closed loop system with no ambient air entering the enclosure.

Please click the links below to view the corresponding 48 vdc input cooler:

FHP-590, 415 BTU/hr

FHP-750, 430 BTU/hr

AHP-590, 460 BTU/hr

AHP-690, 467 BTU/hr

AHP-1200, 530 BTU/hr

FHP-1501, 950 BTU/hr

AHP-1501, 1,000 BTU/hr

AHP-1800, 1,100 BTU/hr

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