Enclosure Cooling with Universal Input Voltage – New Product

Enclosure Cooling with Universal Input Voltage:

The newly released AHP-3259 Series of thermoelectric air conditioners will automatically accept 90 to 264 VRMS input.

Enclosure Cooling with Universal Input Voltage
There are no adjustments to be made by the end user; the AHP-3259 coolers have a universal input power supply. This allows for increased versatility of use. The coolers can meet a wide range of input voltages making them suitable for worldwide operation. This unique feature is also found in the smaller AHP-2259 Series. TECA offers high-capacity versions for more cooling and high-efficiency versions for more power saving. Either includes an energy saving ECO-Mode temperature control feature for passive cooling during lower demand times .

Cooling capacity offered by the AHP-3259 is 2400 BTU/hr, depending on configuration. Heat/Cool or Cool-only units are available. End users can specify NEMA-12 or NEMA-4 as well as temperature control options.

Please contact us for guidance in choosing the best unit for your needs.

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