Ergonomic, Quiet Peltier Product for Histology

Ergonomic, Quiet Peltier Product for Histology:

TECA’s newest Thermoelectric Cold Plate product offers a new option for histology laboratories (or anywhere a quiet, low profile cold plate is needed). At just over 2.5 inches high it is scaled for use at individual microtome stations. The ERGO-900 is built with Peltier technology, which is known for its longevity and low maintenance needs.

Ergonomic, Quiet Peltier Product for HistologyQuiet Peltier Product for Histology
Competing readily with other embedding center cold plates, TECA’s ERGO-900 can uniquely be used either with existing paraffin dispensing centers or with individual sectioning stations. TECA’s Model ERGO-900 is a reliable, virtually maintenance-free Peltier plate which uses a very quiet fan and a design optimized for robust performance. A built-in programmable controller with digital display is included. A heating feature negates the need for messy clean up; just turn the heat on and let any moisture simply evaporate away.

Accessories are available to address specific needs. Custom paint and private labeling is available. The cold plate surface measures 338 x 147 mm and the overall depth is 360 mm. The dimensions of the ERGO-900 address the repetitive nature of work in a histology lab. The low profile supports the end user, the overall size and depth is compatible to microtome stations, and the front facing display allows for easy reading and programming of the temperature set point.

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