Freeze Tape Casting

Freeze Tape Casting Manufacturer:

A materials science company specializes in creating foams with specific porosity for use in electric vehicles, batteries, thermal interface materials and ceramic-metal interfaces. Utilizing a TECA thermoelectric cold plate as a component within the freeze tape caster ensures the manufacturing process remains environmentally friendly. Peltier cold plates use no freon, coolants, or chemicals of any kind. In this example, the customer has slightly modified a commercially-available, off-the-shelf (COTS) TECA cold plate to reach the desired -10C set point.

freeze tape casting

We frequently modify standard products to fit our customers’ needs. Whether it is providing a different paint color on the sheet metal to using a customer-specified component, we will always do all we can to offer our customers the best solution.

This example is a nice look into how TECA cold plates are utilized within industrial applications. Designed for direct contact cooling and heating, TECA cold plates can improve manufacturing, quality, and R&D processes.

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