High-Performance Cooling in Harsh Refinery Environment

Cooling control panels outdoors:

A first in the thermoelectric industry, TECA introduced enclosure coolers with performance ratings of 3,500 BTU/HR and up 6,000 BTU/HR about six years ago.

    High-Performance Cooling in Harsh Refinery Environment  High-Performance Cooling in Harsh Refinery Environment  Cooling control panels outdoors

Thanks to TECA’s recognition of the market need this innovation led to thermoelectric cooling being used in more places than ever before. The AHP-6252X pictured here is being used in control cabinets to support a major refinery project in the Middle East. The TECA enclosure coolers are mounted on outdoor control cabinets in a desert environment. Our customer chose TECA due to the ability of our thermoelectric cooling to maintain high IP (NEMA) certification on the control panel, avoiding sand and dust from the ambient to enter the panel.

With a -20 deg C delta-T requirement (cooling the enclosure interior 20 deg C below the ambient temperature) a powerful thermoelectric air conditioner was required. TECA is the only thermoelectric manufacturer able to offer such a rugged, high performing product.

The AHP-6252X, like all of our “X” products, uses military-grade fans on the hot side (external to the enclosure) which is approved to Mil-Std-810. TECA’s “X” Air Conditioners are rugged and can operate and thrive in outdoor corrosive environments, such as blowing sand or salt spray. Large-capacity TECA air conditioners serve Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and other industries.

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