Environmental Chamber For Testing Asphalt

How Strong is That Asphalt?

TECA’s thermoelectric air conditioners are often used in industrial settings to keep control equipment cool. This application, however, shows another side of TECA’s enclosure coolers. Used in research laboratories across the country, TECA enclosure coolers have cooled incubation chambers, sensitive test equipment, glove boxes, and the like. Here is another example of a TECA thermoelectric air conditioner being used in the lab:

  Environmental Chamber For Testing Asphalt  Environmental Chamber For Testing Asphalt

An engineering group works within a public university to research pavement. To research asphalt strength, the group relies on a shear tester machine. The machine’s purpose is to pound and stretch road samples in experiments. The machine generates heat, however, and must be enclosed in its own chamber.

TECA Model AHP-2250 is shown here, installed top-mounted in the testing chamber. It successfully keeps components within a healthy operating temperature range. We offer High Capacity versions for high-demand applications, High Efficiency versions for additional power savings as well as 24VDC and 48VDC models.

See examples of our Peltier Cold Plates cooling asphalt samples, too!

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