Thermoelectric Electronics Protection:

Gain Insight on Reliable Solutions for Demanding Environments

Enclosure cooling for critical applications is a particular strength of TECA’s. In the demanding environments often present in aerospace and military applications, a panel cooler not only has to be effective, it needs to be reliable, long lasting. TECA understands that to acheive this begins by procuring premium components for our military-grade air conditioners. We buy from Original Component Manufacturers when possible and alternatively from their licensed distributors. The thermoelectric modules and heat sinks we use are the highest quality available today. We use military-grade, sealed fans in our most durable air conditioners.

We are a factory-direct company and every TECA product is manufactured in Chicago. The majority of our production team have been with TECA for over 10 years. The development of our assembly practices is the result of having “seen it all” from the beginning of the thermoelectric cooling device market to today. We know what works. We adhere to strict consistency in the factory and transparency with our customers. As you browse our website, please feel free to call or email TECA directly with questions. We would love to hear from you.

TECA products are able to cool enclosures that are rated Nema-4X/Harsh Environment, C1D2 & C1D1 and Mil-Std 810Shock, Vibration & Corrosion.



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