Thermoelectric Control Panel Cooling:

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Automated systems exist in many industries and TECA can serve all of them. Typically TECA air conditioners (enclosure coolers) are used in automated systems to cool the controls of the system or a part of the system. TECA is especially prevalent in Food & Beverage Manufacturing, but also in Paper Mills, Coatings, Sorting, and other automated applications. TECA air conditioners (panel coolers) are preferred in automated systems because of their low-maintenance and their rugged durability. Thermoelectric or Peltier cooling can be the best choice for cooling control panels, especially in industrial environments. Control cabinets are absolutely critical to prevent from overheating – the productivity of the plant is at stake.Whether your facility is considering thermoelectric cooling for the first time or expanding its current use, please know that the team at TECA is here to help you. Feel free to call or email us directly with any inquiries. We would love to hear from you.

We are able to climate control enclosures within automation that are rated for Wash-Down, Nema-4X/Harsh Environment, C1D2 & C1D1.

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