Thermoelectric Cooling for Electronics Systems:

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TECA air conditioners (panel coolers), cold plates, and liquid chillers have been integrated as vital components in electronics systems across many industries.

TECA Cold/Hot Plates offer direct-contact cooling/heating for resistors, amplifiers, circuit boards, embedded circuits, sensors, transmitters, laser heads, and a myriad of other DUTs. The frequent choice of aerospace, OEM, and other industries, TECA Cold/Hot Plates streamline the processes in Quality testing, R&D, and manufacturing.

Electronics Systems

TECA air conditioners (enclosure coolers) offer climate control under the harshest of environments. Whether cooling switching and other controls in rail and intermodal applications, or protecting communications and other electronics in a satellite, our panel coolers are the best-in-class. We carefully source our components. We offer the most rugged fans and other accommodations when building for tough environments. Our talented and hard working production team boast incredibly low turnover, which means every TECA air conditioner is masterfully assembled and checked, guaranteeing the highest quality possible.

Thermoelectric cooling (Peltier cooling) technology is inherently reliable but TECA units have the added benefit of our decades of experience. We know how to design and build to get the most out of thermoelectric products. Our commitment to procuring the highest quality components and our close relationship with our customers means we are always improving. Whether TECA products are specified by the end user, or recommended to the end user by a design firm, the result is always the same. TECA products stand the test of time, performing with reliability.

Contact us today with the details of your project. We are eager to help you find the best solution for your thermal management needs.

We are able to climate control enclosures within automation that are rated for Wash-Down, Nema-4X/Harsh Environment, C1D2 & C1D1.


Thermoelectric Cooling  Cooling for Electronics Systems


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