Thermoelectric Benchtop Cooling in Laboratories

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TECA cold plates, liquid chillers, and even enclosure coolers have been trusted in laboratories worldwide for decades. We have worked closely with our vendors to develop the tighest possible temperature control. We have listened to our customers to offer the most desired features, such as communications software and multiple sensing options. Each lab is unique and customization is frequently provided by our talented engineering team. TECA often builds custom or modified products for our lab customers.

The reliability and flexibility of TECA’s Peltier based cooling & heating products helps to speed processes on the benchtop. In the same manner, TECA products can help researchers attain precise results that can be replicated. Especially popular are our direct-contact cold/hot plates and our waterless, low-maintenance stirrers. We have a uniquely designed plate for histology and we offer cascaded systems which are capable of extreme temperatures. TECA products have a substantial history of being cited in peer-reviewed, published academic research studies.

Call us or email us today -laboratory applications are some of the most interesting we have seen and we would love to hear about yours.

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