Thermoelectric Protection for Satellite:

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TECA’s legacy enclosure coolers have been faithfully serving telecommunications cabinets for decades. One of the first commercially successful applications for thermoelectric climate control was telecommunications (and later, satellites). These applications benefit from TECA thermoelectric coolers because of their low-maintenance and their rugged durability. Electronic panel failures can be expensive- not just for the damaged or ruined components, but for the down time. TECA understands this. We design, source, and build our coolers with the end users’ critical components in mind.

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Telecom and satellite controls are often located in remote or hard to access outdoor environments. Happily, thermoelectric climate control technology performs well in high ambient temperatures and tough harsh environments, including NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment, C1D2, shipboard and desert. TECA coolers use no chemicals, compressors or any moving parts (other than fans). Whether mobile or stationary, TECA can offer you a thermoelectric solution you will not find anywhere else: rugged, reliable Peltier-based climate control up to 6,000 BTU/HR.

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TECA products are able to cool enclosures that are rated Nema-4X/Harsh Environment, C1D2 & C1D1 and Mil-Std 810Shock, Vibration & Corrosion.


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