Liquid Cooled Cold Plate

Newest Liquid Cooled Cold/Hot Plate LHP-1800CPV:

Liquid Cooled cold/hot plates have the freedom from the noise and vibration of fans. Water works as the coolant, carrying heat away from the cold plate source. TECA’s newest liquid-cooled cold/hot plate is also its largest. The LHP-1800CPV features a 15.2” X 19.2” footprint and a range from -30C to +130C (high temperature version). A water source is required. The LHP-1800CPV is ideal when powerful cooling is needed in a small footprint.


Additional benefits include a new PWM temperature controller with four independent PID settings for different temperature ranges. USB communication port is included and Labview VI examples are available. All TECA’s liquid-cooled cold/hot plates are ideal for direct-contact cooling and heating in R&D, quality control, manufacturing, laboratory and life science applications.

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