Museum Exhibit, Thermoelectric Cold Plate

Educational use for thermoelectric cooling cold plate:

A large children’s science and technology center in the Midwest, specializing in hands-on exhibits, has been using multiple TECA Cold/Hot Plates, Model AHP-1200CPV. The AHP-1200CPV supports part of an exhibit teaching children about insulation. The built-in temperature controller and attractive, ergonomic exterior are perfect for the museum’s display.

Thermoelectric Cold Plate  thermoelectric cooling thermoelectric cooling

A true plug-and-play product, TECA Cold/Hot Plates offer direct contact heating and cooling utilizing thermoelectric technology. Thermoelectric devices are virtually maintenance free and have a long service life. The thermoelectric TECA products in this museum have been in use for ten years without any failures. See TECA products at work in another museum exhibit here.

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