Payload Testbed

Space Satellite Components

Over a dozen TECA Cold/Hot Plates are operating in a cleanroom environment. As part of a significant research undertaking, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) microwave lab has assembled the navigation payload components of a Galileo satellite on a test bench. Components can be separately temperature controlled, using TECA Cold/Hot Plates. “This is important because part of the facility’s job is to recreate anomalies occurring aboard the satellites, which includes reproducing their environment” says ESA microwave engineer César Miquel España.

The TECA CPV Cold/Hot Plates used in this application vary by size, illustrating the versatility of this series of products. Most are CE-marked and UL/CSA safety-certified. TECA CPV Cold/Hot Plates include features which make them ideal partners in testing lifetime performance of components, recreating environmental situations, and experimenting with novel technologies and equipment.

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