Protecting Investments with Thermoelectric Cooling

?TECA coolers save automated sorting equipment from overheat failure:

TECA Model AHP-1202XEHC is out in the automation field by the hundreds, reliably cooling sorting equipment. Easily one of TECA’s most popular legacy products, the AHP-1202XEHC is a great design with a lot to offer. Maintaining NEMA-4/4X enclosures in high ambient conditions and in tough, industrial settings, the AHP-1202XEHC is yet an affordable solution. In the example shown here, our customer chose to buy from TECA for a long-term project, supporting recycling centers with automated sorting machinery. The sorting system is state of the art, using new technology which requires thermal management.

Thermoelectric Cooling TECA coolers cooling sorting equipment

Thermoelectric cooling is long lasting and excels in harsh environments. The TECA thermoelectric air conditioner shown here has a MTBF rating of just under 74,000 hours in an ambient of 40degC! To learn more about this product series, please see the AHP-1200-Series Product Page, or contact TECA Sales for expert sizing advice.

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