TECA Gives Back

Donation for Outdoor Kiosk: Thermal Management

Recently, TECA was honored to have the opportunity to help non-profit with a cooling project. TECA Model AHP-1800XE fills a need for cooling the inside of a free-standing kiosk, thus protecting its electronic components. The kiosk is located in the Veterans Memorial Park in Pensacola, FL where the heat index can reach above 100F. The AHP-1800XE air conditioner has been installed and the customer reports it is functional, easy to install, and quiet.

The kiosk is a digital park enhancement that allows park visitors to:
• Purchase memorabilia
• Donate to the park
• Look up names of memorialized veterans

As an America manufacturing company, donating the kiosk’s cooling solution was a perfect fit aligning with TECA’s values of Teamwork, Excellence, Cooperation, and Accountability. Learn
more about the Park’s project here: https://veteransmemorialparkpensacola.org/DonationKiosk

In the Hurricane Season 2020 the Park lost 17 trees that required removal, and replacement. To learn more or to contact Veteran’s Memorial Park, please follow this link: https://veteransmemorialparkpensacola.org

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