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New Temperature Controller Communications & Data Logging Software : tecaLOG

Exciting news from TECA’s Cold/Hot Plate and Liquid Chiller product lines- the newest version of tecaLOG data logging/controller software has been launched. For use with the integral PID temperature controllers of the Air-Cooled and Liquid-Cooled Laboratory Cold/Hot Plates as well as the Bench Top and Rack-Mounted Liquid Chillers, tecaLOG is designed to be easy to use and offers many advantages to the end user.

The end user can create and save (to a file and/or the controller) temperature ramp/soak profiles, with multiple loops of up to eight steps. Profiles can be programmed to run for set periods of time or in infinite loops. Profiles are viewable in real time on the end user’s computer monitor. As well, temperature data can be logged directly to the end user’s computer as a .csv file. A USB cable is included with all compatible TECA products.

To regulate the PID controller’s temperature values, the end user can either manually enter PID values for a defined temperature range, use the available Autotune feature which will be based on a single set point, or use the Extended Range Autotune feature. An Extended Range Autotune is a sequence of single set point Autotune processes resulting in four different temperature ranges. The temperature ranges are defined using three absolute temperatures: low, medium and high. Having these three choices of methods is useful as each may be more appropriate depending on the application and the end user’s goals.

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