The TECA Difference

The TECA Difference:

Performance Ratings

We offer the broadest collection of thermoelectric cooling solutions, period. TECA’s Thermoelectric Enclosure Air Conditioners are available in all sizes from 90 BTU/HR up to 6,000 BTU/HR.

Why does this matter?
Nowhere else in the market can a half-ton thermoelectric cooling solution be found. This allows us to serve specialty applications in military, power, and other mission-critical industries.

Premium Heat Sinks

TECA builds thermoelectric cooling products with the best heat sinks available. Our heat sinks have extruded fins, optimum fin density, and optimum sizing for use with fan.



Why does this matter?
High density heat sinks which are optimally sized will give the best performance in the smallest amount of space. Extruded heat sink fins mean that the fins and the sink are all made of one piece of metal. Staked heat sink fins can be found on inferior products. They are cheaper but also more fragile and less efficient at heat dissipation.


Military-Grade Fans

TECA’s Thermoelectric Coolers for harsh, outdoor, and rugged environments (including shock and vibration) use Mil-901 military-grade fans.

Why does this matter?
A NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment enclosure requires a cooling system that will maintain the integrity of the NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment environment rating. TECA’s inclusion of Mil-901 fans on our most rugged products sets the highest standard for Peltier enclosure coolers. Our air conditioners with mil-fans will give lasting performance on shipboards, mobile vehicles, refinery control panels, chemical monitoring equipment, and other tough environments. Ask about the fan type whenever designing for systems using NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment enclosures.


When comparing thermoelectric air conditioners, the outside is as important as the components inside. TECA’s thermoelectric air conditioners are housed in stainless steel as opposed to aluminum.

Why does this matter?
Stainless steel is significantly more resistant to corrosion than aluminum. Because TECA air conditioners are designed with outdoor performance and reliability in mind, we choose to build with rugged stainless steel housing.

Mounting Features

TECA’s Thermoelectric Enclosure Coolers are designed to mount quickly and safely, with centered input cord and temperature controls, stainless steel embedded threaded inserts, and a solid rack panel with integral flange.

Why does this matter?
Ease, Safety, Robust Integrity, and Performance.
Our stainless steel embedded threaded inserts cut mounting efforts in half. The location of our input cord and temperature controls saves the end user from having to angle the TECA air conditioner into place. Time is saved and a closed-loop system is maintained. Finally, our solid rack panel extends out to make a flat mounting flange. Air flow is unhindered and the air conditioner can perform at its best.

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