TR-059 Thermoelectric Refrigerator

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Thermoelectric Refrigerators:

Replacing traditional refrigerant-based refrigerators, a thermoelectric refrigerator offers consistent performance in rugged environment without added harm to the environment. Our refrigerators have an exceptionally long service life and utilize solid-state thermoelectric technology. With design origins from military transport applications, TECA’s thermoelectric refrigerators optimize the efficacy and performance potential of the cooling components. Our eco-friendly refrigerators have a proven track record for long service life, reliability, low-maintenance requirements, and low cost of ownership.

  • Product Type: Thermoelectric Refrigerator
    Voltage: 120 VAC, 3 Phase 208 VAC Wye
    Current: 11 AMPS, 3.6 AMPS
    Operating Ambient: -10/+60 °C

    Overview: TECA’s TR-059 is built to last, with our first prototypes operating for over 20 years before requiring any type of repair. Originally designed for military use, the TR-059 is ideal for airborne applications and tough environments. Thermoelectric technology is utilized in the TR-059, which means very little maintenance is required. There are no refrigerants used; it is a solid-state cooling method.

    Performance Rating:
    Cooling (Delta T):
    40 °C
    Power: 1350 WATTS
    • Power supply
    • Temperature controller
    • Retainer latch
    • Magnetic sealing door gasket
    • Heavy duty bottom rails
    • Military circular power input connector
    Controller Features:
    1/32 DIN PID temperature controller
    Easy to read digital display
    Display unit set to °F or °C
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    Model Number Operating Voltage VAC Current Draw
    Operating Ambient Range °C

    Single Phase: 120
    Three Phase: 208
    1350 -10 / +60
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    Solid Model files:
    TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize

    TR 059 12:19 pm 05/22/201922.4M

    TR 059 12:19 pm 05/22/20193.5M

    TR 059 12:19 pm 05/22/20198.6M
    Product Manuals:
Thermoelectric devices do not require a compressor or chemical refrigerants and are therefore environmentally friendly. Ownership costs are very low due to the virtually maintenance-free nature of the technology and the rugged reliability of TECA’s thermoelectric cooling components.
Customization is possible. Please reach out to us regarding private labeling, custom paint, finishes, size, or other modifications. We will be glad to hear from you. Made in the USA and shipped direct from our Chicago factory, there is no better choice for quality, performance, or reliability.

• Integral digital PID temperature controller
• Brush finished stainless steel body
• Insulated double shell ST.ST. construction
• Dual voltage operation
• Fully reversible door, hinge and latch
• Magnetic sealing all around door gasket
• Heavy duty stainless steel hinge
• Heavy duty stainless steel bottom rails
• High visibility safety retainer latch
• Locking paddle latch
• Interior stainless steel rails for wire baskets or shelves
• Operate in ambient of up to 60 °C
• Environmentally friendly and safe
• Weight 235 LBS.


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