Under the Radar

Under the Radar

Cooling RF Device with Liquid Chiller:

under the radar

TECA Corp. manufactures an extensive line of thermoelectric, recirculating liquid chillers. Typically used in laboratories, TECA’s chiller Model RLC-1800 recently adventured out into a more unique application. In this application, TECA was able to help a contractor working for the USAF to reduce cost. The contractor required a replacement chiller with the same form, fit, and function as their original (non-TECA) equipment. The TECA engineering team found a way to modify the RLC-1800 to satisfy the customer’s requirements, while keeping the expense to a minimum. The cooling capacity of the RLC-1800 is our largest in a mountable chiller.

Installed in a rack panel cabinet, this TECA cooling solution removes heat from a Radio Frequency Duplexer within a missile testing system. TECA’s full line of recirculating liquid chillers can be viewed here.

Our customer reports: “The reason we chose Thermoelectric was due to the excellent customer service provide by TECA”.

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