Where Are All the Cold Plates?

Cooling micro-organisms in a lab:

Recently, a prestigious U.S. university’s research lab contacted TECA. The team needed to cool a 340-well micro plate. Their vendors had many hot plates to offer, but no one seemed to offer a like product for cooling. The lab team was happy to discover TECA products online and the AHP-301CPV proved to be the right fit.

The lab’s 340-well plate is filled with a solution housing micro-organisms. To get the organisms to migrate to the bottom of the wells, the lab needed controlled cooling to 0degC. However, there is a limited temperature range in which the organisms do not degrade so precise control was paramount.

Cooling micro-organisms. Cold Plates

Prior to discovering TECA products, the lab was storing the organisms in a standard freezer and removing them before they got too cold and degraded. Researchers understand how difficult and yet important it is to get reproducible results. Sample quality and consistency is key. TECA products support objective maintenance of samples with controlled, reliable temperature control.

The integral, programmable controller featured in the AHP-301CPV is ideal for optimizing sample conditions. The included communications software allows the lab to track and save temperature data. From the many available accessories TECA offers, the lab chooses to use a cover (to protect the samples from the ambient) and an RTD probe-style sensor for external sensing (plate includes an internal sensor).

Review the AHP-301CPV and all of TECA’s Cold Plate products. Contact us for friendly and knowledgeable advice in choosing the best products for your needs.

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