Thermoelectric Air Conditioner Applications


kiosk coolingkiosk cooler

An original equipment manufacturer designed a new outdoor information kiosk and required a small cooling solution, before they could start up manufacturing.
We consulted with the customer's engineers and recommended TECA Model AHP-300XE, to provide the necessary cooling in a compact size. The AHP-300XE is an ideal choice for the application because it is a NEMA4 solid state air conditioner, designed for outdoor use.



Pictures below show a 4 year-old outdoor kiosk that is located in a zoo in the Sonoran Desert. The kiosk holds a computer and LCD screen, both generating heat, both mounted within an inch of each other. This active heat load coupled with the high ambient temperatures create a significant need for cooling. TECA's model AHP-1800XE Thermoelectric Air Conditioner has proven to be a reliable solution. Our customer raves “I had zero problems in past years, not even one tech. call. During the summer time here, when outside temperatures reach 95-110F, and surface of the kiosk gets as high as 125F, the LCD, computer and other components were running cooler than the components in our indoor kiosks.”

kiosk cooler kiosk air conditioner
peltier kiosk cooler kiosk cooling


peltier cooling TE cooling
thermoelectric cooling thermoelectric air conditioner

Specializing primarily in the food and beverage processing industries, one of our longtime customers uses TECA air conditioners in several applications. These include cooling or heating LCD screens, desktop computers, thin clients, and KVM kiosks. The locations of these applications are indoors, outdoors, in cold rooms and baking areas. TECA's comprehensive line of air conditioners fit the bills. We offer each model in different configurations according to the customer's need regarding input voltage, mounting and application environment.



PLC cooler PLC cooling

A customer needed to cool a PLC enclosure housing critical electronics controls. They needed to keep the temperature of the enclosure in a safe range for the critical components. TECA's AHP-1200 series off the shelf air conditioner provided the cool capacity and ease of installation they needed.



A company specializing in fleet management and motor pool software required multiple outdoor, self service kiosks to be placed in various environments throughout the USA. TECA's AHP-300XEHC thermoelectric air conditioner is an ideal solution, providing needed cooling to sensitive parts within the sun-exposed kiosk. The AHP-300XEHC air conditioner cools the kiosk without taking up much space and it is suitable for various environments including NEMA-4 enclosures. Heat/Cool is optional, as are external covers for aesthetic purposes. Whether space is restricted inside or outside your kiosk, TECA offers three mounting styles for kiosk cooling: Through, Internal and External.


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