AHP-3252 Series

Weatherproof NEMA Enclosure Cooler

Weatherproof NEMA Enclosure Cooler, 2610 BTU/HR (765 watts) Thermoelectric Enclosure Cooler for 240 Input with High Performance:

For thermoelectric cooling of weatherproof NEMA enclosures, the AHP-3252-Series is an advanced, high performance enclosure cooler. Maintain both efficient cooling and the NEMA rating of your weatherproof enclosure. ECO-Mode temperature control feature helps save on power use. The Peltier-driven AHP-3252 is designed to protect enclosures from overheating. Peltier (thermoelectric) cooling technology is reliable and low-maintenance. Cool electronic controls, electrical equipment, cabinets, and other heat sensitive equipment. Ideal for cooling enclosures in indoor or harsh, outdoor environments.

Protect your equipment from failure due to overheating. Choose low maintenance thermoelectric air conditioners from TECA for superior performance and reliability.

• High capacity thermoelectric design
• Power saving air to air heat exchanger mode (ECO-Mode)
• Heavy duty full perimeter mounting
• Lower profile intrusion into enclosure
• Central input cord for easy mounting
• Closed loop design
• Condensate control and evaporation system
• Increased efficiency at higher ambients by as much as 10%
• Virtually maintenance free
• No compressor
• Environmentaly friendly and safe
• Stainless Steel exterior housing
• Mounts and operates in any orientation
• Integral temperature controller
• Weight 88 LBS.


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