TECA’s Thermoelectric Transit Solutions

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TECA’s Thermoelectric Transit Solutions:

In recent years, the intermodal industry has been automating their facilities. This requires thermal protection for PCs, network connections, cameras, etc. TECA frequently serves these new automation projects with small, powerful, and affordable thermoelectric cooling. Long revered for its reliable performance in harsh and outdoor environments, thermoelectric technology is often desired for automation controls cooling.

In railyards, TECA’s outdoor coolers can serve NEMA-4 and NEMA-4X/Harsh Environment cabinets and even CID2. TECA enclosure coolers protect rail switch equipment, signage and RF electronics and other heat-sensitive equipment. In transit stations, TECA’s air conditioners keep ticketing kiosks cool in Chicago and elsewhere.

The thermoelectric cabinet cooler was invented by TECA when we were part of Borg Warner Corporation. We have been perfecting our designs ever since. Trust TECA’s American manufacturing skills and the quality that comes from decades of experience and thoughtful component sourcing.

Application Examples:

kiosk cooling electronic imaging Outdoor Electronics Enclosure Cooling   Intermodal Control Cooling Safety Panel Cooling


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