Thermal Gradient Bars

Thermal Gradient Bar

  • Description:Thermal Gradient Bar for use with AHP-301CPV or AHP-1200CPV
    Overview:TECA’s Gradient Bar options expand the use of the CPV line of Cold Plates. With a TECA model CPV cold plate at each end the gradient bar has programmable gradient areas with near linear gradients between the two ends and near uniform temperatures along the width of the bar. The temperature at each end of the gradient area can be programmed to a single set point or with a ramp/step and soak profile creating constant, expanding, contracting or moving gradients. Set the gradient profile to be large for initial observations then adjust the end set points to zoom in on a temperature range of interest. Optional external surface sensors can be used to change the size of the gradient area.

    • Two three wire RTD probes
    • Mounting hardware
    • Insulation
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    in [mm]
    in [mm]
    22 x 5.9 [558 x 150]9.8 x 5.9 [250 x 150]2 X AHP-301CPV
    2 X AHP-1200CPV
    34 x 11.8 [914 x 300]19.7 x 11.8 [500 x 300]2 x AHP-1200CPV
  • Click to open PDF performance curves:

    How to use the curves to help determine the maximum gradient delta T.
    On the X-axis find the temperature you want to hold on one end of the gradient.
    Extend a vertical line up until you meet the characteristic line of your preferred gradient plate/CPV combination.
    Extend a horizontal line to the Y-Axis to find the temperature you can hold on the other end of the gradient plate.
    The difference between the two temperatures is the maximum delta T you can expect across the gradient plate under your defined conditions.
    The curves shown, are test results in a 20 C ambient non condensing and the gradient area covered by an acrylic cover.

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• Near Linear Temperature Gradient differentials from 2C to 30C
• Independent Temperature Set points
• Includes two bottom mounted 3 wire RTD sensors
• Programmable set points, step or ramp changes
• Fixed or adjustable gradient areas
• Gradients above and below ambient
• Bench top
• Air Cooled
• Anodized aluminum surface
• Used with model AHP-301CPV or AHP-1200CPV units
• Custom sizes available
• Custom Acrylic covers and barriers available


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