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New Temperature Controller Communications & Data Logging Software : tecaLOG

Exciting news from TECA’s Cold/Hot Plate and Liquid Chiller product lines- the newest version of tecaLOG data logging/controller software has been launched. For use with the integral PID temperature controllers of the Air-Cooled and Liquid-Cooled Laboratory Cold/Hot Plates as well as the Bench Top and Rack-Mounted Liquid Chillers, tecaLOG is designed to be easy to use and offers many advantages to the end user.

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Communications, Cooling Battery Bank:

communications communications


Maintain the temperature of a battery bank in a Class 1 Division 2 explosion proof environment to power portable communications equipment. A special purpose vehicle manufacturer needed to maintain the temperature of a bank of batteries to maintain maximum performance.

With our recommendation, the customer selected the TECA Model AHP-1800XP, because it is the only NEMA4X air conditioner available off-the-shelf, which is also certified for C1D2 use. The power source was able to meet the requirement of operation in a Class 1 Division 2 explosion proof environment, to support portable communications systems at car racing venues.




A major manufacturer of communications equipment was to go into production of special equipment enclosures, then encountered unforeseen problems with overheating electronics deep inside. The customer wanted air conditioning, but specified that no part of the air conditioner could protrude outside of their enclosure.

TECA designed a little air conditioner inside ducts for hot air exhaust. This way the air conditioner is actually housed entirely inside the enclosure and our customer continues production.

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