Cooling LED Chips:

cooling led chips

The customer was looking for a cooling solution for LED chips. With a heat load as high as 45 watts at times, the customer needed to cool the chips quickly. The customer was able to utilize TECA’s Loaner Program and test the AHP-301CP cold plate before purchasing.

Satisfied with the AHP-301CP performance, the customer has since purchased several more and sold them as a part of his total system to his clients.

The AHP-301CP series is replaced by the newer and updated AHP-401CP series.


Custom Cold Plate Application:

custom cold plate

The people at MIT who wanted a custom cold plate with plain black anodized cold plate never did tell us what it was for. We think maybe they are using it to calibrate or adjust infra red temperature detectors. We could be wrong. They might have thought it just looked cool.

For whatever reason, they told us what they wanted and we did our best to meet their requirement.


Avionics cooling application:

avionics cold plate
avinoics TE cold plate


A branch of the US military had an overheating problem with a high-tech radio inside the wing of a fighter aircraft. TECA developed a custom, high-performance cold plate that withstand the shock, vibration, and G forces created by one of the most technically advanced aircraft.

In order to assure maximum strength with minimum weight, TECA’s Advanced Machining Center machines the finned heat sinks for each cooler from a single blocks of material

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