3D Printing Process:

3d printing

A customer heard about TECA’s Thermoelectric Cold Plates through word-of-mouth and placed an order within a week. The AHP-301CP Cold Plate is used in the customer’s 3D printing process. Parts are printed on an aluminum plate which is then set on the AHP-301CP Cold Plate.

As the AHP-301CP Cold Plate cools the aluminum plate, the 3D prints just pop right off of the aluminum plate. The customer is pleased with the performance, ease of use and low purchase price of this basic model.

The AHP-301CP series is replaced by the newer AHP-401CP series.


Beverage Cooling in a barrel:

beverage cooling in a barrel beverage cooling in a barrel

Here’s an application that TECA’s engineering team was particularly excited about. Not because of the economics or the potential new business. Frankly we didn’t think the market was there. But as soon as they found out that a ½ barrel of beer would be needed for testing they were all over it. While none was ever sold, good lessons regarding contact methods and material stratification were learned. To see the result of the test click here.
We used an AHP-1200CP thermoelectric cold plate and a TLC-700 thermoelectric liquid chiller for testing purpose.


Flue Gas Analysis:

flue gas analysis flue gas analysis

The customer uses the TECA TLC-702HC in a heating and cooling process in a laboratory setting. The customer’s PSA system is removing CO2 from flue gas and drying and analyzing the flue gas. The TLC-702HC is available in 120 or 240 VAC versions. Heat/Cool or Cool-Only configurations are available.

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