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A company specializing in fleet management and motor pool software required multiple outdoor, self service kiosks to be placed in various environments throughout the USA. TECA’s AHP-470XEHC thermoelectric air conditioner is an ideal solution, providing needed cooling to sensitive parts within the sun-exposed kiosk. The AHP-470XEHC air conditioner cools the kiosk without taking up much space and it is suitable for various environments including NEMA-4 enclosures. Heat/Cool is optional, as are external covers for aesthetic purposes.

Whether space is restricted inside or outside your kiosk, TECA offers three mounting styles for kiosk cooling: Through, Internal and External.

Kiosk and OEM Cooling’s Newest Solution

Kiosk and OEM Cooling’s Newest Solution

When enclosure cooling or heating is needed but space requirements- or aesthetics- do not allow for protrusion of thermal management equipment into the ambient environment, consider TECA’s Internal Mount solutions.

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High Efficiency Internal Mounted Thermoelectric Air Conditioner

High Efficiency Thermoelectric Air Conditioner 1040 BTU/HR (305 watts), 100-240 Universal VAC Input:

Thermoelectric IHP-2259-Series is an ideal enclosure cooler for NEMA-4/4X junction box cooling. For cooling any NEMA-12/4/4X enclosure, the IHP-2259-Series can protect electronics equipment boxes from overheating. Peltier climate control technology reliably works to cool and heat electronic controls, electrical equipment, and other heat sensitive equipment. Reliable and low-maintenance Peltier technology is ideal for indoor or outdoor environments. The internally-mounted design of the IHP-2259 is ideal for junction boxes with little to no room extruding equipment, especially for ATMs, railway signal controls, automation controls, satellite and telecom, to name a few examples.

Protect your equipment from failure due to overheating. Choose low maintenance thermoelectric TECA air conditioners for superior performance and reliable climate control.

  • Mounting Style: Internal Mounted

    Voltage: 100-240 VAC
    Current: 4.5-1.8 AMPS
    Operating Ambient: -40/+65 °C
    Operating Enclosure: -10/+60 °C
    Environments: Nema-12, Nema-4

    Performance Rating:
    Cooling (Traditional):
    1040 BTU/HR
    Cooling (Din 3168): 305 WATTS
    Cooling COP (at L35 L35): 0.67
    Heating (Traditional): >1530 BTU/HR
    Heating (Din 3168): >450 WATTS
    Heating COP: >1.0

    • Power supply
    • Temperature controller
    • Power saving heat exchanger mode (ECO-Mode)
    • Mounting gasket
    • Mounting hardware
    • Power input cord

    Controller Features:
    TC-4F: Active cool 35 °C; ECO-Mode 25 °C
    TC-7F: Active cool 35 °C; Active heat 15 °C; ECO-Mode 25 °C

  • Click on the part numbers to request a quick quote:
    Cool onlyTC-4FNEMA-12, IP 52
    Cool only5-32 VDC external signalNEMA-12, IP 52
    Heat/CoolTC-7FNEMA-12, IP 52
    Heat/Cool5-32 VDC external signalNEMA-12, IP 52
    Cool onlyTC-4FNEMA-4/4X, IP 56
    Cool only5-32 VDC external signalNEMA-4/4X, IP 56
    Heat/CoolTC-7FNEMA-4/4X, IP 56
    Heat/Cool5-32 VDC external signalNEMA-4/4X, IP 56
  • Click to download:

    Solid Model files:
    TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize

    IHP 2259XE 8:30 am 10/07/201633M

    IHP 2259XE 8:30 am 10/07/20163.8M

    IHP 2259XE 8:31 am 10/07/201617.3M

    IHP 2259XE 8:31 am 10/07/201621.7M
  • Part NumberDescriptionFor use with air conditioner seriesDrawingData Sheet
    EH-2001200 Watts Enclosure heater
    120 VAC
    EH-2002200 Watts Enclosure heater
    240 VAC
    EH-4001400 Watts Enclosure heater
    120 VAC
    EH-4002400 Watts Enclosure heater
    240 VAC
    DVA-2200Drip pan, vertical cold side finsAHP-2200dwgpdf
    DHA-2200Drip pan, horizontal cold side finsAHP-2200dwgpdf
    D-100Condensate discharge, plasticpdf
    D-200Condensate discharge, ST.ST.pdf
    SP500-24Switching power supply
    500 Watts, 24 VDC
    SP800-24Switching power supply
    800 Watts, 24 VDC

• High efficiency thermoelectric design
• Power saving air to air heat exchanger mode (ECO-Mode)
• Heavy duty full perimeter mounting
• Easy installation from exterior of the enclosure
• Closed loop design
• Condensate control and evaporation system
• Increased efficiency at higher ambients by as much as 10%
• Virtually maintenance free
• No compressor
• Environmentally friendly and safe
• Stainless Steel exterior housing
• Mounts flush with no protrusion outside of the enclosure
• Integral or remote temperature controller
• Weight 66 LBS.


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