Kiosk and OEM Cooling’s Newest Solution

Kiosk and OEM Cooling’s Newest Solution

When enclosure cooling or heating is needed but space requirements- or aesthetics- do not allow for protrusion of thermal management equipment into the ambient environment, consider TECA’s Internal Mount solutions.

Ideal for heating and cooling kiosk and OEM applications, TECA offers the new IHP-3259 thermoelectric enclosure cooler (heat function optional). Our unique design features an elegant, unobtrusive mounting style with no extrusion outside the enclosure. With a performance rating of 1,270 BTU/hr the IHP-3259 is our most powerful Internal Mount solution to date. As with all TECA’s Internal Mount solutions, the IHP-3259 is available for NEMA-12 and NEMA-4 environments and boasts our innovative power saving ECO-Mode temperature control feature. Variable fan speed affords quieter operation.

Designed for use in various kiosk, food and beverage, industrial coating and OEM jobs.

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