Stir, Cool & Heat Samples

Designed for Laboratory : Stir, Cool & Heat Samples:

TECA’s new Stirring Bead Bath can maintain samples from 0 °C to 50 °C using reliable, low maintenance thermoelectric (Peltier) technology.

Stirring baths help maintain temperature uniformity and solution mixing in a liquid sample. The Stirring Bead Bath model AHP-301MSP is a compact bench top product which cool and heat samples while mixing the contents. Model AHP-301MSP offers a two-liter bath volume. Thermal Lab Beads are used in place of water to conduct the heat away from the sample vessel(s). Magnetic stir bars maintain mix of the sample contents. Adjustable speed for the magnetic stirring is 100-1,000 RPM. Stirring can be turned off for the product to double as an Electric Ice Bucket.

A Pulse Width Modulating (PWM) temperature controller is integral to this new product. The controller allows the Stirring Bead Bath to cool to a specific temperature and hold the temperature continuously. Long term, consistent and stable temperature control is achieved while maintaining sample mix. There is a built-in temperature sensor or the end user can use a remote temperature sensor (not included).

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